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Who am I? I am Spider-man

Obviously, I am not Spider-man, but hey that quote from the first Spider-man movie got stuck on my mind. My name is Vegard Orlando, and I’m the sole author of this little blog here, filling it with all kinds of stuff from my life. When I was a baby, I was adopted from Colombia, so I am an adoptee, grew up here in Norway with two loving parents. So I was under a year old when I first crossed continents. My parents love travelling, and so do I, we travelled a lot when I was a kid, and I guess we still do. Here’s a picture of my village, my place of birth, Túquerres located near Pasto in Colombia.

My village, the place where I was born. Túquerres, Narino, Colombia

Over the years I picked up quite a few creative hobbies, such as the love for photography, graphic design and video creation. And today I think I am somewhat of a content creator, or at least aspiring to be one. I love multimedia and want to find a suitable job where I can produce stuff. My biggest dream is to be able to traverse the whole world and see most of it before I die. I’ve been in 20 countries so far, and still a lot more to see. Besides that, I am a spontaneous, optimistic, relaxed, stubborn, random, geeky, animal loving person with a passion for photography.

Trying to keep posts short, and that’s an introduction as basic as you can get. If you want to learn more about me then head over to the about section here and read more. But the best tip I can give you is to just keep up with this blog, and maybe even follow me on the social media if you want. I’d be really happy if you do.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, the links are all there.

Oh, and of course a picture of myself, there you go.

Well, it’s a selfie


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