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The very best summer job

This year I have got a really great summer job, I’ve got to say it’s the best summer job I’ve ever had. And why is that? It is because it is a lot of different summer jobs all packed into one, and let me tell you, this is no ordinary job at all.

summer job improtheater

Earlier this year, the RUTER transport service announced a job position, a summer job you could apply for. The only requirement for this job was that it was a cheerful thing for others to enjoy. It could be anything, and over 300 people applied for a job with a lot of creative suggestions. Out of these 300 appliances, some were picked out and these people got to do their dream job. And that’s where my role comes in, I am hired to document these different activities during summer. Really it is so cool!

summer job samba drums

summer job taekwondo

A lot of people get to do their favourite job, and honestly, I think I’ve got the best summer job myself. Helping out at each activity, and now to the most important part of it, taking photos of the events. So far I’ve been documenting scoot sessions (doing tricks with a scoot bike), improvisational theatre, samba drum lessons, beach yoga, and taekwondo lessons. Later this week I will also cover a dog agility show, a chess tournament, a Riverdance course and a field trip out in the forest. It is really cool! It’s also a really awesome way to test out my new camera which I wrote about here. Anyways, heading off to work, see ya later.

If you want to check out the program and all the events, then head on over to this page.

summer job scoot


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