Introduction post, get to know me already

Introduction time!

introduction owlando and owl

I thought a good way to start this blog was to at least present a short introduction. For those of you who do not bother to read the full introduction on the About me page.

First the basics, I am a dude that lives in Norway, adopted from Colombia but grew up in Norway. Passion for traveling, photography, and design. Got lots of other hobbies as well, but I guess they show up eventually on this blog anyways. I have a background in photography, traveling and graphic design studies. Or, I don´t have a study background in traveling, I just travel a lot, and know how to get around.

I am kind of a seasonal person when it comes to activities, living in Norway kind of gives you limits if you don´t totally love the cold temperatures. At summer time I´m mostly active outside, playing volleyball, going for bike trips, running and just relaxing at the park. Either with friends or alone with a good book. Or maybe even combined, who knows. In the winter time, I prefer going to the gym, playing my Playstation 4, and doing stuff on the computer. Or I do that anytime anyways, but yeah, a lot of my activities varies with the season.

On the computer side, I do all kinds of stuff, but for the most graphic design and photography related tasks. I also kind of try to get my own YouTube channel up and running, but still need to find a niche for that one. Maybe that plan will become more developed as this blog project goes on, who knows. Everything needs to start somewhere, and I will get to that when I get to that.

Travel passion

Traveling gets its own subheading here, as it really is an important side of me. So to speak I began traveling already at the age of 12 months or so. And it was not just a short trip, all the way from Colombia in South America, to Norway in Europe, Scandinavia to be more precise. And my family in Norway really loved traveling, so we traveled a lot. During my childhood, I am sure that we used to travel at least two to three times per year. As I grew a bit older, I decided that I wanted to keep this with me forever. To see the world is a privilege that I need to enjoy and treasure, to travel is to live. You learn a lot by traveling around, seeing different cultures, countries, people. It really makes you grow as a person, and I think that everyone who can, should travel. Life is not meant to be lived in one place. So far I´ve been in multiple countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle-east, South America, and Oceania. And I´m still going. I want to see as much as possible of this beautiful world.

Blog plans

I mentioned this in the previous post I think, but a little reminder for both me and you does not hurt. My plans are to get this blog up and running with frequent updates, lots of pictures, stories from my day life, and posts within my fields of interest. My YouTube videos will also end up here eventually. So in the long run, this will be both my professional and personal page. Do not know how that works, as I was strongly advised to keep those separated. Maybe I´m more personal than professional, as having a professional page became boring to me. If I keep the content here good, the images nice, and keep a minimalist design I guess it should be fine to have it like this.

My hope is that one day, like in a few years from now, I can look back to the very first posts and think back. My personal digital diary online. That´s what this blog is and will be to me, hopefully. If you are curious about how it all will go, then follow me if you like. So how´s that for an introduction huh?

Owl signing out…

Blog Christmas Market entrance

Blog beginnings on the first of December

Hello and welcome!

This is the so-called first post on my blog, actually, it isn´t but who cares. I thought it would be a good idea to start this whole thing again now that we´ve just entered the month of December. Counting down the remaining 23 days before Christmas. As I am living in Norway, of course, it´s cold here and I´m actually hoping for snow any day now. The city has started the Christmas decorations everywhere and we also got our own Christmas market up and running.

A restart for my blog, yet again huh.

Once more I say these words, I had a reboot of this blog! Why? I really do not know, I guess it is my OCD playing tricks yet again. But I feel like now would be a better time to start off actually, it is also quite likely that I will say the same the 1. January 2017. Until then, let´s hope I won´t do reboots anymore after that. My purpose of this blog, yeah, I feel it deserves its own subheading.

The blog’s purpose.

Welcome to Owlando, my blog, personal website, and a place for randomness.

I´ve had a blog for quite a few years, it has been quite dormant. Some posts now and then, and then it just stops. A long time ago, I used to blog every day and keep it fresh with content all the time. I do not really know what was different back then, but I just can not seem to get this routine back again. So here I try again because my blog has this one simple purpose:

To be some kind of diary, which I can look at, remember the days that have passed, making memories. As a nostalgic person, I feel it would be really nice to have something like this. My online journal, the keywords are these: personal, updated, memories. Of course, I will fill it with stuff that I like, or that I am really interested in. My hobbies are traveling, photography, graphic design, and other creative fields, so I aim to also fill this blog with stuff that I make. My time at school taught me that your own website should also keep your professional work available. I did this, by making a purely professional site, I ended up not updating it because I felt it just was not me. So this time around, I will mix it, and make it mine in my own way and style. And from there, let us just see where I can get with this.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”Plato

Let´s get to the beginning already!

Owl signing out…