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Freelancer just cruising around

Freelancer, the next way to go.

Freelance, working and freedom combined.

So here I am back again, not too long after the last blog post and I am quite happy with that. The last one was named the chapter where I look for a job, and now I have gotten myself a job. Things do happen to the ones who wait, this job is the freelance kind of thing. No not as in me just doing my own work. But as a Freelancer for JCP – Just Cruzin Productions. So what do I mean by saying that? Well, to put it short, I enlist myself as an available work resource and via a communication group, I get to see a list of jobs that needs to be done. I sign up for the jobs that I want to do, and I get feedback from the coordinator who put that job on the list if I can take it or not. And then I do the job, easy as that.

Love for the airport.

My first job for this company was at Oslo Airport OSL, the main airport in Norway. They are building a new terminal here at this airport. And due to this, they need to test a lot of their implemented systems. To make sure that they will be working by the time they open the terminal for the public. Lots of workplaces are made by this, so I signed up for working with the test group AVINOR. A couple of days per week we do testing of the systems, the whole airport procedure. Which includes baggage, check-in, gate, boarding and arrivals. From this, I got to sign a contract with the company and started as a freelance. I will be doing tests at the airport until December, and I have to say that I really like it.

Just cruzin

After the testing at the airport is finished, I will keep on doing other jobs and probably  try a lot of strange but cool jobs. Right now, this is really perfect for my situation, as looking for a graphic designer job seems to take quite some time. This is the way I am currently walking, the way of the freelancer.


The chapter where I look for a job

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. – Mother Teresa.

Job searching is like a treasure hunt

About time for an update huh?
So it’s been about two months since I came back to Norway, and I’ve got to say that time really flies away. And for the last part, I have only been standing still. I guess it was a bit optimistic to dream about getting a job within the first month back in Norway. Finding something within graphic design or photography is quite more difficult than other jobs. Not that I have had any luck on the regular jobs either, for the moment I would be happy just to hear from someone that they need me for something. I would do anything for the time being, honestly. Hopefully, this job treasure hunt will end soon so that I can once get a routine back in my life. I know I love to chill and stuff, but really, this is quite too much chill time, even for me.

Getting out there

An important thing while being in between stuff is to keep oneself active, not just searching for jobs, but in general. Do stuff, go to the gym, play, design, take pictures, yeah the list is long. I have had quite a creative drought for the last month as well, not really feeling inspired by anything. I read about this somewhere, that if you are understimulated then the creativity starts to lack as well. So I guess this is kind of me trying to get out there again. I have thought of maybe doing a project out from a book that I bought while I was in Australia. The name of the book is The photographer´s playbook, and you can find out more about it by clicking the link on the name. In this book, you get a lot of tasks that you can perform and also helps you get the creativity going again. I once thought that this would be perfect for a time when you do not have a job, and I guess it is about time for that now.

The missing language

Spanish, the language of my birthmother and a language I should have learned by now. Sadly that mission has not yet been successful, although I have tried a couple of times. It always ends up with dying out as I do not get the chance to use it regularly. So my plan for the coming unemployed days will be to start focusing back on the Spanish language learning programs again, in order to restore what was once lost. I plan to get a lot of help from apps such as Duolingo, if you have not yet heard about that one, you really should check it out. Because one day I want to go back to Colombia and be able to speak with the people of my country without struggle and dictionaries.

Design and play

I guess this blog post became like a short list of my plans for the next coming weeks. And why not, it was supposed to be an update after all. I use to split up parts of my life and name them into chapters. Life is a great adventure, a book if you may, and as most books, lives are filled with different chapters. The one chapter I am writing right now will probably be remembered as the chapter about my unemployed days. The time when I was crying out for a job. I plan on trying to design a book cover for the book about me, just to keep designing and playing around with the software. The Spanish language knowledge might have gotten blurry due to lack of use, but I just can not let that happen to my learned skills within graphic design. That would kind of suck as it would render my whole education useless. So another plan on this list is to boot up InDesign and Illustrator at least three times per week and just play.

Oh, and by the way, I am updating the site as well. Trying to get out somewhat of a portfolio and a gallery. Within the places I want to try to find a job, it is quite important, so yeah, that´s also on my little to-do list. And if you bothered reading this far, and would happen to have a job or anything to keep me busy, check out my profile on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more!